How Many Cockroaches Are in The World? [Unbelievable Figures]

How Many Cockroaches Are in The World

We all know, cockroaches are one of the most resilient and pervasive creatures on the planet. 

Found in almost every corner of the world, these insects have adapted to survive in diverse environments ranging from dark and damp corners of our homes to hot and dry areas.

But just how many cockroaches are there in the world?

This article delves into the estimated count and the species of cockroaches globally, as well as surveys and studies that have been conducted to determine their population.

So buckle up, and let’s count the crawlers together!

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How many roaches are in the world?

Probably you are wondering and here for this question “how many cockroaches are in the world?”

But before answering that, we should first know, Is it possible to calculate roaches in the world? 

Well, it might seem like a daunting task to count every single one, but it’s still an interesting question to explore.

At first glance, calculating the number of cockroaches in the world may seem like an impossible feat. After all, how could anyone possibly count every single one?

Even if a group of people were to attempt this seemingly impossible mission, they would require an incredible amount of resources and advanced technology to make any progress.

But let’s say that this group of people did have all the necessary tools and resources. Even then, it would take them years to accurately calculate the number of cockroaches in the world. 

And it’s likely that their calculations would still be incomplete, as new generations of cockroaches are born every few months.

However, the actual number is difficult to estimate due to the large number of species and the fact that many live in hard-to-reach areas, such as deep in the soil or inside buildings.

Despite all the challenges, there are still some uncertain estimates available regarding the number of cockroaches in the world. 

Now, we know that it is impossible to know the accurate number of cockroaches in the world, let’s have a look at the estimates.

Species of cockroaches in the world

It’s remarkable to note one of the fascinating facts about cockroaches is that they’ve been around for about 320 million years, which makes them one of the oldest species on earth.

Each species, from the German cockroach that infests our homes to the massive Australian giant burrowing cockroach, possesses different characteristics and adaptations that enable them to thrive in diverse environments across the planet.

Now, you might be thinking, there would be a few hundred species of roaches.

But you are wrong, there are thousands of species of cockroaches around the world.

Yes, that’s true,

Cockroaches are among the most diverse insect groups globally, with 4,600 distinct species.

While certain species are confined to specific regions or ecosystems, others have managed to establish themselves on every continent except Antarctica.

Interestingly, out of these 4,600 species of cockroaches, only 50 species are reported to be pests of human structures and habitats worldwide.

In America alone, at least 30 cockroach species are associated with human dwellings, each exhibiting intriguing traits and behaviors.

let’s move to the impossible part of counting the crawlers…

Number of Cockroaches in the world

While it’s impossible to know exactly how many cockroaches there are in the world, entomologists have come up with some estimates based on population studies and other data.

The population of cockroaches is estimated to range from 10 billion to 50 billion. – (Maybe there are more than this)

Despite their incredible numbers, however, cockroaches are still just one small part of the vast and complex ecosystems that make up our planet.

Of course, these figures are just estimates, and there’s no way to know for sure how many cockroaches are in the world. But one thing is sure, at least now you know the estimated number of cockroaches in the world.

If you wanna know how many roaches are living in your home, read the below survey.

Study about Number of Cockroaches

Key points of survey conducted by the agriculture Department in the Southeastern United
Key points of survey conducted by the agriculture Department in the Southeastern United

While doing research for this article I came across a 1986 survey conducted by the Agriculture Department in the Southeastern United States.

I was shocked to know that the average low-income apartment is infested with about 26,000 German cockroaches.

Furthermore, according to the survey,

Researchers caught an average of 33 cockroaches a night in each of the 6,146 traps they placed, resulting in more than a quarter-million cockroaches trapped in the sampling, making it the largest survey of cockroach infestation ever performed by the department. 

The researchers also considered the levels of infestation in 97% of the apartments surveyed to be unhealthful, posing severe medical problems.

What country has no roaches? 

Probably you are excited to know about – “where are there no cockroaches or is there any roach-free country?” 

Well, the short answer is NO – except for Antarctica, due to its frigid climate, this icy continent is not a suitable habitat for these insects.

Cockroaches are incredibly adaptable and can thrive in almost any environment where humans reside. 

While they do tend to favor warmer climates, they can still be found in colder countries like Canada, especially in areas where humans provide warmth and shelter, such as homes and buildings.

In fact, if all homes were removed from Canada, cockroaches would likely struggle to survive during the winter months. But as long as there are human habitations, cockroaches will find a way to coexist with us. 

So, unfortunately, no matter where you go in the world, you’re likely to encounter these annoying insects.

While some countries may have fewer cockroaches than others due to climate or environmental factors, it is difficult to completely eradicate them.

Besides, even if there were a country where cockroaches were not present, it is possible that they could be introduced through travel or commerce (Sea or Land).

Most infested cities in United States

The below graph shows Cities in the United States that were the most pest-infested as of 2015.

Cities in the United States that were the most roach-infested in 2015

Source –


In conclusion, all I have to say is, While roaches may be a source of fear and disgust for many people, they play an important role in the ecosystem and have even been studied for their potential use in biotechnology. 

Despite the challenges in estimating their global population, we now have a better understanding of just how many of these creepy crawlies share our planet with us

So the next time you encounter a cockroach, remember that there’s more to them than meets the eye. 

Whether you love them or hate them, roaches play a vital role in the ecosystem, like helping nature in decomposing waste and acting as a food source for many organisms.

To put it simply, the survival of cockroaches and other organisms, including humans, is interdependent. The issue only occurs when any creature begins to raid the territory of other creatures or living beings.


Which country has the most cockroaches?

I can’t say exactly which country has the most cockroaches as they are found all over the world.

But, there is the world’s biggest cockroach farm near Xichang, Sichuan, southwestern China, where they breed six billion cockroaches a year.

There are also several more cockroach farms in china, where they breed a large number of cockroaches every year for medical purposes.

So, probably china has the most roaches.

Are there more cockroaches than humans?

Although there isn’t a definitive source to verify this information, some estimates suggest that there are seven cockroaches for every human being on the planet, and this ratio is increasing.

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